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The BOXPLORER >> browser offers a rectangular view of the World Wide Web. It abstracts layouts to produce what are frequently rather colorful compositions.

To use the browser, you can either select from the list of favorites, or type a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the "Location" field. For example, you could type either of the following:


Use the ENTER KEY to send your request to the server.

Please note that some web pages do not use layout techniques that are conducive to the use of the BOXPLORER >> browser. The most popular and heavily visited news and information sites tend to work best.

The response from the server is sometimes slow because the server needs time to retrieve and process the HTML code from the site you specify. In some cases, in the event of network congestion, you may need to use the ESC key or close the BOXPLORER >> window and start again.

BOXPLORER >> was made by media artist Andy Deck, whose work is to be found, primarily, on the site Artcontext.net. Questions, comments, and technical problems can sent via email to the author. END