“Wiggle Room” began as playful experiments with graphics programming. – an exploration of movement, energy, cohesion, and confinement. The motion graphics evolved with inspiration from FIGMENT 2018, circling back to the artist’s extensive prior work with interactivity. Visitors to Wiggle Room are presented with an opportunity to respond creatively to the quirky video projection using materials provided by the artist. Like many of Deck’s internet-based works (artcontext.net), the potential for participation means that the proverbial cup is half full when the doors open. Having something to do in the Wiggle Room besides stare is not only an opportunity to have fun. Offering visitors a creative role to play represents a celebration of maker culture, and an ongoing challenge to habits of passivity.


June 23-24, 2018 @ FIGMENT on Governors Island, NYC

The first installation of Wiggle Room took place on Governors Island in New York City as part of the two-day participatory arts festival called FIGMENT.
On the second floor of  a house on "Colonel's Row" (408-B), visitors encountered a room with a projection (below) and a papered floor. Throughout the festival visitors added their drawings, some of which are shown below. 

Some Drawings Contributed by "Visiting Artists"

Projection Shown @ FIGMENT 2018 in NYC


Thanks are due to the organizers of the FIGMENT event in New York. The coordinator for the event space was the Warper Party. Special thanks to n8 for putting it together. The music for Wiggle Room was produced by Nicholas D. Kent, a filmmaker and composer who has collaborated with Andy Deck as Artskool.  And, of course, thanks to all the people who participated.