Progressive Load is a name for a way of transmitting images over a network. It allows an image to be seen more quickly, albeit in a blurry, pixelated way. Gradually the details arrive. Similarly, with respect to the world picture that is emerging, a rough image of what is arriving is already apparent; and details are coming into sharper focus each year.

Progressive Load is a framing mechanism, a tool, a series of visual questions. The pictures found in Progressive Load are lacking in detail -- they resemble images that have not finished loading. Before a transmitted image has been fully displayed, there is still some uncertainty as to what it will become. Interrupting streams of data, Progressive Load extols stalling and load errors. What could interrupt the loading of the problems documented in these half-developed images?

Progressive Load leads to an image-making tool. The final section solicits participation and will appear differently as time passes due to the contributions made by visiting artists like you. The final image is a collage, or interlacing, of pictures selected by visiting artists. The collage mutates with each visitor, never to be the same twice. The proposed theme for this collective work is "images of progress," but it is not yet clear what will appear.