[2017 Calendar]

Nap time is over.

The biggest news of the past two years has been the arrival of my son Arwin, who appears in this years calendar.  It's a bit too cute for popular consumption, but since I've now made about 37 calendars, it seems like one featuring a toddler is defensible.

After what amounts to years of hibernation, Artcontext is crawling back into light.  This year saw a number of net.art works at Artcontext getting a facelift to use development languages suitable to today's web.  These include Open Studio and Icontext, as well as Culture Map, Commission Control, and others.

Since the last emails were sent out, a number of projects have taken place, such as the Digital Zoo sponsored by furtherfield.org.  
The Digital Zoo project turns analysis of the mediation of nature into a participative, accessed either through a phone or through creative events in (mostly) public places.

This work has been conducted in partnership with Transnational Temps colleagues.  I also joined this group as the moderator of an art and activism panel discussion this past summer, hosted by the University of the Sea in Murcia, Spain.

As rumor has it, both Net Neutrality and the EPA will come under threat from the incoming U.S. President, so stay tuned for more independent culture jamming in the new year.
– Andy Deck