This is the rule of law? Or is it a video game? From the New York

Snowstorms delayed the helicopter deployment of the troops,
who were sent to the region [Afghanistan] to gather information
after an unmanned Predator drone armed with Hellfire antitank
missiles attacked a small group of men Monday at what intelligence
officials described as a Qaeda campsite. The officials said they
believed that at least one person had been killed in the missile
attack. The people were attacked after pulling up to a camp in at
least one truck. They were dressed in flowing robes and seemed to
be "paying homage" to one man in the group, government officials
said. At a news briefing today, Secretary of Defense Donald H.
Rumsfeld played down speculation that Mr. bin Laden was among the
men, and said the Pentagon had no indications either way. Gen.
Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: "The
strike was on some individuals. Who is to be determined. That's
what they're gathering the intelligence on." General Myers
indicated that the missile might have left little in the way of
forensic evidence if it scored a direct hit on individuals not
protected by an armored vehicle. "They're aware that there may not
be a lot of evidence," he said. "They may have to gather small
evidence and bring it back and see if it could be evaluated."
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