Advanced Web Programming

School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art
Fall 2004
Instructor: A. Deck


Algorithmic image Each student will create an image using the PHP image tools or Actionscript. It must be 100x100 pixels. Please print the image at a larger scale so that they can be discussed in class. Think of the relationship between visual form and the algorithm.

Due: 10/5/04

Final project proposal Each student will write a two page proposal describing his/her final project. This should include schematic drawings and it should address the ways the project is informed by previous artistic practices.

Due: 10/12/04

Interactive application Students will apply techniques from PHP and/or Javascript to develop a single document (PHP) that offers several different interfaces depending on choices made by the user.
Reading: To be announced.
Due: 11/9/04

Final project / presentation Students are expected to present their final project for peer review. Presentation should be accompanied by a one page written description of the work. Students who cannot attend the final class will be expected to write a five page review of their work on the final project, including descriptions of comparable websites, the project's development, and an assessment of problems and potential relating to the technical and aesthetic choices made.
Due: 12/14/04