Proposal Guidelines

  • 3-5 pages
  • 2 versions: 1 paper for me, 1 HTML and placed in web under the name proposal/proposal.html
    	* Abstract: summarizing in 2-3 sentences the 
    	  character, audience and objectives of the site
    	* Body: roughly 2-3 pages describing the site,
    	  its visual style, its near-cousins in web-land,
    	  its principle topics
    	* Technical overview and timeline
    	* Diagram(s) describing the site structure
  • This proposal is not meant to monopolize your time and effort, and I am open to spontaneous evolution of the ideas expressed in it; nevertheless, I think it's important to verbalize and visualize the work you will do before you do it, and so this proposal will serve that end.
  • It will also help to explain what you are doing BOTH to me and to others. Use a "voice" in your proposal that assumes general familiarity with the subject matter, but does not assume full knowledge of jargon like API, HTTPD, ActiveX, etc.
  • Diagrams may be hand drawn or produced in graphics programs (I would probably make a 1-bit GIF image using Photoshop). If hand made, just scan it in greyscale and save it as diagram.gif.
  • Make the following structure within your web folder to accommodate the proposal.html and diagram.gif files:
    /  \
    proposal.html     diagram.gif

    Proposal is due Wed. after spring break. Proposals are subject to approval, and significant non-compliance with this proposal guideline will be mentioned in evaluations.