Jan 22
  • Vannevar Bush "As We May Think" (EC pp.29-45)
  • Executive Summary "Interfaces for Everyone" (MTSD pp. 1-6)
    Jan 27
  • Roy Armes "Early Sound and Image Reproduction" (HO from On Video)
    Jan 29
  • Hans Magnus Enzensberger "Constituents of a Theory of Media" (EC pp. 62-85)
    Feb 3
  • Martin Spinelli. "Radio Lessons for the Internet" (HO or online)

    Feb 5
  • Vilem Flusser. "Two Approaches to the Phenomenon, Television", (HO from The New Television or online)
    Feb 10
  • Kevin Robins "The Virtual Unconscious In Postphotography" (EC pp. 154-163)
    Feb 12
  • Andy Deck. "Mall of the Wild" (HO from Online)
    Feb 17
  • Greg Kearsley. "User Interface Design" (HO from Public Access Systems)
  • Nelson, Theodore Holme. "The Right Way of Thinking About Software Design" (HO from The Art of...)
    Feb 19
  • Eric Raymond. "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". (HO from online)
    Feb 24
  • Oren, Salomon, Kreitman, Don. "Characterizing the Interface" (HO from The Art of Human...)
    Feb 26
  • Dale Spender "Authors" (HO chapter from Nattering on the Net)
    Mar 3
  • Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451.
    Mar 5
  • Iaian Boal "A Flow of Monsters" (HO from Resisting...)
    Mar 10
  • Svke Dinkla "The History of the Interface in Interactive Art" (Handout online)
  • Pierre Levy "The Art of Cyberspace" (p. 366-7, Electronic Culture)
    Mar 12
  • Bey, Hakim. From: "Immediatism" (HO Part 1,Part 2)
    Mar 31
  • Lewis Carroll. Through the Looking Glass. (TLG)
  • Films: "Alice" (Svankmajer), "Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer" (Brothers Quay)
    Apr 2
  • John F. Simon, Jr. Guest Artist
  • Read Borges, "Library of Babel"
    Apr 7
  • Sherry Turkle, "Identity in the Age of the Internet" (HO)
  • Video: Documentation of works by Grahame Weinbren
  • Jim Pomeroy. "Black Box X-Thetix" (HO from Technoculture)
    Apr 14
  • Topic: Discuss group project
  • Jerome P. MacDonough. "Epistemic Engineering: Some Implications of the Sociology of Knowledge for Information Systems Design" (HO)
    Apr 16
  • Herbert Schiller. Interview concerning internet. (HO or online)
    Apr 21
  • Larry Goldberg. "Access for People with Disabilities" (p.407, More than Screen Deep)
  • Gary Strong. "Speech Prostheses" (Online)
  • Jupiter
    Apr 23
  • Landon Winner. "Cyberlibertarian Myths and Prospects for Community" (HO and Online)
  • Jutta Kirchgeorg. Guest artist, interface designer.
    Apr 28
  • Lev Manovich. "The Automation of Sight" (From Electronic Culture)
  • Roy S. Kalawsky "Applications of Virtual Environments" (HO from The Science of VR)
    Apr 30
  • Theodore Roszak. Cult of Information Ch. 7, pp. 135-155. (HO)
    May 5
  • Armand Mattelart. Chapter 8 from "Mapping World Communications" (HO)
    May 7
  • Mark Poster. "Robocop" (HO from Incorporations, Ed. Jonathan Crary)
    May 12
  • Martin Heidegger. "The Age of the World Picture" (From Elect. Culture)
    May 14
  • Hans Magnus Enzensberger. "Industrialization of the Mind" (HO)

    Below readings: dates to be announced

  • Schiller, Herbert. "The Global Information Highway: Project for an Ungovernable World"
  • Topic: Privacy (HO from The Privacy Papers)
  • Stone, Allucquere Roseanne. "Virtual Systems"
  • Drew, Jesse. "Media Activism and Radical Democracy"
  • Barry, Judith. "Mappings- A Chronology of Remote Sensing"
  • Branscomb, Anne W. "Common Law For the Electronic Frontier"