[Calendar cover] Conceived, designed, retouched, illustrated, tested, printed, folded, stapled, and mailed by the artist, Andy Deck, with help from many online contributors. Just $7.99 plus postage. It's colorful, collectable, and recyclable. Order today or suffer regret.
SINCE 1979
Andy Deck has made calendars annually since he was eleven years old. This year's edition features hundreds of publicly contributed Artistic Licenses, made through the Artcontext website. There's still time to make a license that will appear in the calendar! Deadline for Artistic License participation is Dec. 20th (more info).
Unlike some prior Artcontext calendars, this one is easy to use and clearly marked with months and days. And, for the first time ever, the Artcontext calendar bows to popular American calendar convention by introducing 99% more kitten and puppy.
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Interior sheets are 30% recycled post-consumer fiber. Acid-free, chlorine-free cover stock, 10% post-consumer fiber. Forest Stewardship Council certified sources.

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