Saro Wiwa

I believe that only a boycott of SHELL products and the picketing of their garages can call SHELL to their responsibility to the Niger delta. A recent World Bank study of that region has warned that "an urgent need exists to implement mechanisims to protect life and health of the regions inhabitants and its ecological systems from further deterioration." I remain hopeful that men and women of goodwill can come to the assistance of the poor, deprived people in Ogoni and other parts of the Niger delta who are in no position to protect themselves against a multi-national such as SHELL.

Source: Letter to friend from prison. Ken Saro-Wiwa. Published in Guardian, 17 November 1995.


--Je vois, Mapes a repete.
--Non, vous voyez pas. Non, vous voyez pas. Fallait Étre la avant pour pas voir la tantot. Suffit pas de venir tous les trente-six du mois. Faut avoir vecu soixante-dix-sept ans ici pour pas voir la tantot c'qu'y avait à voir avant. Non, Sherif, vous voyez pas. Vous savez même pas c'que je vois pas.

Source: A Gathering of Old Men. Ernest J. Gaines. 10:8, Paris, p.105.