Web addict Nick Kilroy points us towards some things that have recently caught his eye.

GLYPHITI - posted 28/02/02

Lo-fi, lo-rez, this is 100% pure pixel-crack. This is not recommended for those with better things to do with their time. ANDY DECK's Glyphiti delivers the kind of interactivity the net has always promised. A collaborative drawing space, made of 256 small 'glyphs' the user can individually alter, in real-time. Simple.... yes but it's multi-user.

"It's not clear who owns the collaborative image. For my part, I encourage you to use it any way you see fit. I look forward to seeing what images develop, [and] if you don't like the options given to you, please revise the source code. Copy it. Steal it. Share it. Print it. Pretend it's yours. I don't care."

A space that could only exist on the net, whether you're there to express yourself or deface the work of others, there are no rules to doodling. It's micro-anarchy.

-- Warprecords.com