This collection of work is not exactly the same as the work shown at MediaNoche from July 30 - September 14, 2010. The relatively modest gallery space prevented us from showing a number of works that are represented here in the online version. Likewise, some pieces were not well adapted to be shown online. Transnational Temps would like to thank all the participating artists.

Alex George
Gratuitous Art Films
Matusa Barros
Patrick Mathieu
Maria-Gracia Donoso
Skwarek and Hocking
S. Slavick and Andrew E. Johnson
Sabina Antón Cardenal
Adrienne Klein
Fred Adam and Verónica Perales
Terri Garland
Gene Gort
Mark Cooley
Chris Basmajian
Jessica Eik
Graham Bell
Eric Benson
Gavin Baily
Virginia González
Tim Geers
Chris Dascher
Luke Munn
Jeremy Newman
Adrián Madrid
Cristina Osuna Migueles
Jesus Andres
Collette Broeders
Guillermo Hermosilla Cruzat
Susanne Slavick
Sereal Designers
Russell Ritell
Ume Remembers
Geoffrey Michael Krawczyk
Alyce Santoro
Jessie Mann
Henry Gwiazda
Irad Lee
transnational temps