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Border story: The Clandestine swam ashore near downtown after his freighter ran aground Tuesday, eight days after he left his impoverished island seeking a better life. Unlike others, who reach dry land, this immigrant usually is denied asylum in the country and sent back to his homeland. On Wednesday it was demanded that Governor call his brother, the president, and persuade him to treat the Immigrant like other refugees. "This immigrant is standing on dry land. ... You can do it," was said to the governor, who is running for re-election. Governor told to the press, he agrees that the immigrant should be released until his asylum request is heard. He had said earlier that he spoke to some officials and was assured the immigrant would receive "fair and decent treatment." "There should be equal treatment and that's my position," he said. "If Governor could champion the issue, he could shift the balance in the election," said the president of the Immigrant- Grassroots Coalition. "The time for lip service is over." However, press secretary said the president would not get involved despite any political pressure that may arise.