/* The Problem of Open Categories */

One of the pitfalls of leaving all aspects of the organization of the Icontext archive open to change, is that the system may become difficult to use. For this reason, a limit of 25 categories has been established. Twenty-five categories have been pre-selected, but they are not permanent. When people change the categories of the icontexts, it is possible that they will be abandoning an unpopular category title. When there are no further icontexts left in a particular category, that category will be retired. New categories will be drawn from a list of suggested categories. If you would like to suggest a new category name, you may do so here:

1. Suggest a new category:


These suggestions will not lead to instantaneous results, however, consensus will be respected.

















/* Categorizing */

Categorization can be accomplished while browsing through the hypertext of icontexts. In other words, in the process of viewing, you will encounter the "Read-Edit" menu, which includes "Change category".