Icontext archive

Fig. 1
Although forgetting is as important as remembering (Flusser), it is hoped that by conserving all contributions, the archive will reflect actual behavior rather than idealizing a few isolated events. All the icontexts saved to the archive will be kept, and use of the system implies that all icontexts made may be used freely and indefinitely.

Icontexts can be saved from within the main interface by clicking the "Save File" button (Fig. 1). If the chosen file name should happen to conflict with an existing icontext, a number will be added to the end of the name to make it unique (eg. name001). This numeralization will be used, consciously and unconsciously, to create series of related images that can be viewed as motion pictures.

Some characters will not be allowed in file names. They include: $ % ^ \ ~ * ( ) [ ] { } @ | . ! = & < > and [space]. If used, these characters will automatically be translated into permitted characters.