Noting the fuzzy borders between collaboration and play, between cooperation and conflict, and between data and property, Collabyrinth probes beliefs about the limits and potential of online interactivity. What rules of ownership should apply in a network of free software and telematic collaboration? In what ways do the appearances of software conceal unforseen purposes? As computer interfaces become more three-dimensional and immersive, can a public space be carved out of a maze of privatized softare? Collabyrinth presents these questions in the form of an artwork, confronting cultural values that are still being formed. Though the carceral qualities of the labyrinth resemble some popular "shooter" video games, the guns are missing. Confinement, creativity, and a striving for freedom are set against one another. Adopting the high-tech idioms of mass-culture (3D-computer game, paint program), Collabyrinth is intended to be thought-provoking but not elitist. Is it a model? As usual, if you don't like the way it works, you are encouraged to rewrite it yourself.