Authorize yourself!   Artistic License makes it official: anyone can be an artist. There's no need for hard work or advanced training. Just a few clicks and you'll have your Artistic License. Join the art professionals who, as Alphonse Karr once observed, are increasingly numerous because their job can be done without learning it first. Can't draw you say? Use a camera or upload any old image: get started using your artistic license today.
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Artful Identity    Since your license will be seen online, you may wish to use a nickname or a bogus address. The 'Generate' feature simplifies this process.

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Laminated Cards Last Forever    While Artistic License is primarily an online phenomenon, everyone wants one to have and to hold. As a sign once put it, "laminated cards last forever." Fortunately, a squeaky old card laminator will be pressed into service at select live events, such as the opening of the University of Hartford faculty art exhibition. During these public events people can print and laminate their Artistic Licenses. Additionally, this year's best cards, as determined by online voting, will be featured in a colorful Artcontext Calendar.

Poetic License, too?    Writers can also take advantage of poetic license with this device. The legal limits in this domain are truly the limits of your imagination. You may choose to employ disguises or hidden meanings. Unlike some license granting institutions, Artcontext applauds irreverence and encourages the playful exploration of possible identities. As technocratic regimes of conformity proliferate, enforcing nationality, uniformity, and entitlement, it's good to have artistic license in your pocket.

Autoportrait Autoritaire    Many people have asked "What is it good for, this 'artisitic license'?" to which one must say, in truth, that it depends on how YOU choose to assume the authority that is confers. Once you have learned when and where to use your artistic license, there's almost nothing it can't do. It will get you free admission into almost any reputable establishment dedicated to the arts, but that is just a minor example of its power.

Has its time come?    Artistic License encourages card-holders to swipe across the borders of technology and identity. The greater socio-political context for this work includes privacy issues stemming from emerging identification technologies like biometrics, RFID microchips, facial recognition software, global positioning devices, geo-IP tracking and consumer profiling systems, microcameras, and nanosensors.

It's too small, how...?    Click the license image in the upper left to view your license in a larger format. You can also zoom the example licenses by clicking on them.

How do I obtain my license?    By using the buttons below you can save your license for posterity. Additionally, licenses made before December 20th, 2009 are eligible for a free laminated license. Contact the laminator in chief for details.