/* Changing Links */

Each icontext has a link associated with it that leads to another icontext. The "Change this link" option lets any visitor modify links an unlimited number of times. (It is not a Uniform Resource Locator and will only connect icontexts.)



















/* Editing categories */

Each icontext is identified by a category. Use the ["Category editor"] to change the category of an icontext. The search tools use this category name to differentiate the icontexts. If a category exists which is suitable, use it. If not, [category suggestions] are welcome.



















/* Revising Icontexts */

Fig. 1
An icontext can be opened from the main interface using the openfile button (Fig. 1). Then a new icontext can be derived from it.
Attention: If you open an existing icontext, even if it is your own, you will not be able to choose a name when you save. Instead, the name will be derived from the file you opened, with a unique numerical extension. This function creates a threading mechanism that may make it possible to review the derivation patterns of emerging drawings and texts, or to develop textual and visual ideas sequentially.