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Nadia  / August 24, 2005Page 6
I wonder if it makes sense for there to be no passage through the gate? For there to be perpetual limbo?
Eileen2000  / August 6, 2005Native american clowns
I like the wise fool aspect and also the integration of sacred and profane, which I think the imagery is already sort of hinting at...

the following quote is from the First People website They also have copyright-free imagery for use, but would like an acknowledgement and I can't remember if that is covered in the Creative Commons agreement so I didn't upload any.

"Because they do not wear masks, the Koshare or Hano Clown are technically not katsinas. However, they play an important role among and integrate with the serious katsina. Like most katsinas they teach lessons and give social commentary with their actions.

The Koshare figures are both sacred and profane. When there are pauses in the kachina dances, they amuse the audience with their inappropriate actions, loud conversations and gluttony. Koshare are also called Gluttons, which is why Koshare dolls are often shown gorging themselves on watermelon. They overdo everything to show you how stupid inappropriate behavior can be.

The Koshari clowns are considered to be the father of the Kachinas. Indications are that the clown belongs to the Underworld and the normal Upper World, and possesses attributes of both worlds, this is why they become the fathers of the Kachinas."
Eileen2000  / August 6, 2005Thanks
Thanks, Andy.
Andy  / August 1, 2005Work in progress
I'll try to optimize the PDFs so they are smaller and offer all the pages to date as a single file.
Eileen  / August 1, 2005Reading made easy?
I was wondering if there was any way to combine all the finished images at each stage (maybe at a
quarter of their actual size) in a pdf file so it would be easier to follow the "flow" of the story? I am really enjoying this project.