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Eileen  / August 6, 2005RE: enchantress, more random thoughts...
Yeah, I like that better.

I didn't quite know how to articulate my feelings about her before, but you hit the nail on the head. I am really tired of the whole "Eve" scenario. I like the fact that she's taking notes. Maybe she's biding her time before she blows the whole thing sky high.

I would actually love to see a subversive female character that is either a "neutral-chaos" or "good-chaos" type (RPG concept). And maybe its not
either/or... in terms of being a good leader vs. being corrupted. Maybe she functions more like a jester or Novajo clown, poking fun and laughing and giving the corporations wedgies while she helps with product placement...
Andy  / August 6, 2005Re: Enchantress
I changed the words in page 4 to further deflate the idea that the enchantress is "the problem" in this domain of perfidy. I wanted to avoid the hackneyed femme fatale idea. Now instead of "the enchantress rules here and she says the word from her sponsor is good" it says "the enchantress takes notes and she says the word from her sponsor is good." The enchantress is either studious or taking bribes. I think this ambiguity speaks to the polarity in American politics, where government leaders seem pure to half the people and corrupt to the rest.
Andy  / August 3, 2005Re: Enchantress
I asked similar questions about her in the discussion of page one because I was uncomfortable with some of the text associated with the photo of the woman. Although nobody jumped in to clarify what she might represent, I incorporated her in page four. To date there has been little character development for any of the figures that appear. The danger there, I suppose, is that people will parse the meaning of each one according to cultural types. In the case of the enchantress the tradition of Eve's temptation comes to mind. But in page four I associated her with "her sponsor" which simultaneously, I believe, begins to secularize and diminish the scope of her "enchantments." Ultimately I'm pushing towards a two pronged symbolism in which "gate" is associated with things like "watergate" and secondly with the frame of our televisions,-- the frame that leads into the remote and spectacular violence of the contemporary world. In the second context, I see the enchantress as like the many top models on TV. Erotic association is used to sell us so many things, and that's a form of enchantment. ("That which captivates the heart and senses; an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights.")
Eileen2000  / July 31, 2005Enchantress
I want to know more about the enchantress. what is her role? is she friend or foe?
Eileen2000  / July 31, 2005Aztec imagery-rambling thoughts
Initially i submitted some of the mayan/aztec stuff because i felt the aesthetic would contribute to your style.

As the story has progressed I continued with that theme because I see a sort of parable quality or iconic quality suggestive of violent power that is neither a positive or a negative force by itself but a catalyst or feedback loop for "things" that happen.

I also like how the aztec and mayan imagery looks simultaneously ancient and modern. All of history is just a loop that keeps looping. We have lived all of this many times before in different ways. All that is old is new again.

i hope some of that makes sense. i am not really a word person. eileen
Andy  / July 24, 2005Aztec
I'm trying to figure out what the Aztec imagery has to do with anything? Someone keeps submitting Aztec stuff, and I've been integrating some of it into the pages, but I'd be curious to hear what it might mean.
Andy  / July 22, 2005Ray guns
The panorama of dystopian science fiction continues to emerge on the stage of real human affairs. I read yesterday that the Pentagon has been testing a laser that can be used for crowd control. But in the testing, apparently, people were told to remove metal objects from their pockets as well as eye-glasses and contacts from their eyes. People who are targeted with the laser will be compelled to move immediately to avoid it. But the problem remains: what will happen to people who for whatever reason are unable to move?
Fred  / July 22, 2005Matrix
I consider that panel junction is not the place for a extensive article about the use of the name of Matrix for mines. The idea to combine the mines with the flying saucers is good. I like too the image of the Matrix guy in black from the movie jumping up the mine without legs. Feel free to erase the pictures i puted, they are only here for a moment to open some ideas.
Andy  / July 18, 2005Enter the matrix
I agree the name is yet another example (do we need more?) of the convergence of science fiction dystopia and the real world. The poet Anne Waldman has written in a mock paranoid mode about the "arms hidden behind the moon." I'm thinking of combining the mine image/concept with Tim Burton-style flying saucers. The trouble with using the mines is that they are a fairly non-descript image. To convey the precise idea of this matrix mine you'd have to spell it out in detail.
Fred  / July 16, 2005Matrix proposal
Hello,in front of the contains of the first pages i put here some grafic information about a new mine called "matrix" which allows a soldier with a laptop computer based miles away from a target to detonate.
Using this name is absolutly increible. I suppose this reference between the fiction (the movie) and the reality (the mines and dead people) can be a interesting subject because we are speaking about the virtualisation of death.