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Andy  / July 22, 2005Rubbish
One of the panels submitted recently says simply "Where does your rubbish go to?" I'm thinking that it may be something that can be integrated better in a later page because it doesn't fit too clearly with the general theme of the page as it stands.
Andy  / July 16, 2005Copyrights
I've noticed that some of the materials being uploaded are marked with copyrights. I guess that's to be expected, but it's a bit murky because in some cases I don't know what is what. I'd like to think that most of the images are capable of being included under the Creative Commons license I chose. The only way to have accountability on this matter would be to make each person log in as a registered user, which would, I feel, undermine much of the spontaneity and expressive freedom that I'm trying to establish. Since I'm painstakingly reinterpreting the imagery for the final document, I'm not concerned about the copyright of that document, but the materials that will remain online with the project could be contested at so point. If that comes to pass, I will take images off line if it can be demonstrated that A) someone cares, and B) rights to them probably are owned by someone else.