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Andy  / July 6, 2005Darth Condoleeza and the Gates of Helliburton
For years I've been making a calendar that's inspired by contributions to Artcontext (such as in Glyphiti). It remains to be seen how active I will need to be in shaping Panel Jct, but my inclination is to see what develops a bit first.


In a recent contribution ( there is a repeated reference to "She" which is one of the first suggestions of a character/protagonist (?). It's not a glowing portrait. On the contrary the portrayal is hostile. Who is this woman? Why are her gestures meaningless?

My personal favorite of all the Page 1 layouts that have come in so far is this: ( In another version there's also a caption that says "Trust her, won't you please?" that appears to refer to the
enchantress/gatekeeper photo.

Here there is a connection to death because there are skulls in abundance, an apparent allusion to the deadly times we live in, wars, etc. I'm reading into this a bit, but is the "her" we are asked to trust a Goddess of War? A human personification of death?
Andy  / July 6, 2005Strange spams
I keep getting email messages that are generated automatically. Maybe we can draw some inspiration from them.

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MutantSurvivor  / July 6, 2005Coherence and Progress
So it will be a kind of emergent system but with a guiding hand (Andy) overseeing.

It will be interesting to see how it develops and how much of a guiding role Andy will have to take. I would love to think that by sheer consensus we will make something fantastic but these things can have a tendency to wobble off course a bit and a guiding hand (or hands) could be what is needed.

So where does the artistic vision lie?
Andy  / July 6, 2005Coherence and process

Eileen - Things are in play now. I like what I see so far. The process is flexible.

As the "maintainer" of this "open source" project, I'm going to try to keep the development on schedule and I'll bear some responsibility for "coherence." Input about the process and content of the work in progress are welcome. Later on, I'll try to rework what has been done for a .PDF file
that will print well.

>Can anyone modify another's input?

If you modify someone's layout, and then save, it will be saved to a new file-name and the new version will appear for anyone viewing that page. Once someone else has saved, theirs will be the current image for that page. If you want to review contributions that have been made so far, you can click on the large words "Panel Junction" in the project's first page.
Eileen2000  / July 5, 2005Questions
What is the process here? Do we collectively determine it?

Same for subject? Can anyone modify another's input? What will keep it coherent or is that a goal?

MutantSurvivor  / July 5, 2005Title
It could be about writing a comic collaboratively, kind of postmodern. Echos of the great Scott McCloud
Andy  / July 5, 2005A mantra
Critical error - immediate abort
Andy  / July 1, 2005Title
What should the graphic novel be about?