Note: Most software that claims to display animated GIF files
will choke on these files because they contain thousands of frames. The Linux program xanim plays them well, but Quicktime can play them (more slowly). [Help]

October2020   [MovieIcon] 40 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2020   [MovieIcon] 32 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2020   [MovieIcon] 27 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2020   [MovieIcon] 28 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2020   [MovieIcon] 34 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2020   [MovieIcon] 36 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2020   [MovieIcon] 54 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2020   [MovieIcon] 37 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2020   [MovieIcon] 46 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2020   [MovieIcon] 74 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2019   [MovieIcon] 44 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2019   [MovieIcon] 50 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2019   [MovieIcon] 52 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2019   [MovieIcon] 138 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2019   [MovieIcon] 26 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2019   [MovieIcon] 23 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2019   [MovieIcon] 37 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2019   [MovieIcon] 43 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2019   [MovieIcon] 58 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2019   [MovieIcon] 67 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2019   [MovieIcon] 39 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2019   [MovieIcon] 91 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2018   [MovieIcon] 40 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2018   [MovieIcon] 57 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2018   [MovieIcon] 183 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2018   [MovieIcon] 39 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2018   [MovieIcon] 110 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2018   [MovieIcon] 29 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2018   [MovieIcon] 130 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2018   [MovieIcon] 500 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2018   [MovieIcon] 40 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2018   [MovieIcon] 46 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2018   [MovieIcon] 51 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2018   [MovieIcon] 135 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2017   [MovieIcon] 71 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2017   [MovieIcon] 49 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2017   [MovieIcon] 75 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2017   [MovieIcon] 54 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2017   [MovieIcon] 129 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2017   [MovieIcon] 34 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2017   [MovieIcon] 85 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2017   [MovieIcon] 94 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2017   [MovieIcon] 370 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2017   [MovieIcon] 66 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2017   [MovieIcon] 361 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2017   [MovieIcon] 239 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2016   [MovieIcon] 95 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2016   [MovieIcon] 60 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2016   [MovieIcon] 119 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2016   [MovieIcon] 143 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2016   [MovieIcon] 278 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2016   [MovieIcon] 77 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2016   [MovieIcon] 29 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2016   [MovieIcon] 33 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2016   [MovieIcon] 57 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2016   [MovieIcon] 48 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2016   [MovieIcon] 82 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2016   [MovieIcon] 32 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2015   [MovieIcon] 17 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2015   [MovieIcon] 153 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2015   [MovieIcon] 104 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2015   [MovieIcon] 54 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2015   [MovieIcon] 33 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2015   [MovieIcon] 44 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2015   [MovieIcon] 60 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2015   [MovieIcon] 47 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2015   [MovieIcon] 44 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2015   [MovieIcon] 124 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2015   [MovieIcon] 109 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2015   [MovieIcon] 72 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2014   [MovieIcon] 39 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2014   [MovieIcon] 73 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2014   [MovieIcon] 37 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2014   [MovieIcon] 29 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2014   [MovieIcon] 30 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2014   [MovieIcon] 26 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2014   [MovieIcon] 36 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2014   [MovieIcon] 314 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2014   [MovieIcon] 44 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2014   [MovieIcon] 132 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2014   [MovieIcon] 64 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2014   [MovieIcon] 96 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2013   [MovieIcon] 143 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2013   [MovieIcon] 229 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2013   [MovieIcon] 193 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2013   [MovieIcon] 193 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2013   [MovieIcon] 123 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2013   [MovieIcon] 529 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2013   [MovieIcon] 295 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2013   [MovieIcon] 88 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2013   [MovieIcon] 85 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2013   [MovieIcon] 135 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2013   [MovieIcon] 154 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2013   [MovieIcon] 76 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2012   [MovieIcon] 408 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2012   [MovieIcon] 59 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2012   [MovieIcon] 71 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2012   [MovieIcon] 65 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2012   [MovieIcon] 41 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2012   [MovieIcon] 66 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2012   [MovieIcon] 73 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2012   [MovieIcon] 185 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2012   [MovieIcon] 88 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2012   [MovieIcon] 156 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2012   [MovieIcon] 53 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2012   [MovieIcon] 108 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2011   [MovieIcon] 70 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2011   [MovieIcon] 173 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2011   [MovieIcon] 121 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2011   [MovieIcon] 50 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2011   [MovieIcon] 47 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2011   [MovieIcon] 82 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2011   [MovieIcon] 528 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2011   [MovieIcon] 414 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2011   [MovieIcon] 67 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2011   [MovieIcon] 57 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2011   [MovieIcon] 77 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2011   [MovieIcon] 111 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2010   [MovieIcon] 167 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2010   [MovieIcon] 128 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2010   [MovieIcon] 134 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2010   [MovieIcon] 112 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2010   [MovieIcon] 34 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2010   [MovieIcon] 37 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2010   [MovieIcon] 51 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2010   [MovieIcon] 206 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2010   [MovieIcon] 206 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2010   [MovieIcon] 88 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2010   [MovieIcon] 44 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2010   [MovieIcon] 63 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2009   [MovieIcon] 112 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2009   [MovieIcon] 52 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2009   [MovieIcon] 167 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2009   [MovieIcon] 54 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2009   [MovieIcon] 54 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2009   [MovieIcon] 71 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2009   [MovieIcon] 302 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2009   [MovieIcon] 142 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2009   [MovieIcon] 382 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2009   [MovieIcon] 214 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2009   [MovieIcon] 93 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2009   [MovieIcon] 73 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2008   [MovieIcon] 225 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2008   [MovieIcon] 171 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2008   [MovieIcon] 87 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2008   [MovieIcon] 56 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2008   [MovieIcon] 59 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2008   [MovieIcon] 121 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2008   [MovieIcon] 125 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2008   [MovieIcon] 114 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2008   [MovieIcon] 240 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2008   [MovieIcon] 132 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2008   [MovieIcon] 198 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2008   [MovieIcon] 205 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2007   [MovieIcon] 264 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2007   [MovieIcon] 238 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2007   [MovieIcon] 140 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2007   [MovieIcon] 137 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2007   [MovieIcon] 62 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2007   [MovieIcon] 79 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2007   [MovieIcon] 119 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2007   [MovieIcon] 98 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2007   [MovieIcon] 130 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2007   [MovieIcon] 350 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2007   [MovieIcon] 148 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2007   [MovieIcon] 148 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2006   [MovieIcon] 668 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2006   [MovieIcon] 649 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2006   [MovieIcon] 340 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2006   [MovieIcon] 177 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2006   [MovieIcon] 271 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2006   [MovieIcon] 354 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2006   [MovieIcon] 134 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2006   [MovieIcon] 318 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2006   [MovieIcon] 475 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2006   [MovieIcon] 709 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2006   [MovieIcon] 898 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2006   [MovieIcon] 1598 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2005   [MovieIcon] 877 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2005   [MovieIcon] 1245 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2005   [MovieIcon] 412 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2005   [MovieIcon] 110 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2005   [MovieIcon] 136 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2005   [MovieIcon] 349 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2005   [MovieIcon] 135 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2005   [MovieIcon] 177 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2005   [MovieIcon] 304 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2005   [MovieIcon] 220 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2005   [MovieIcon] 303 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2005   [MovieIcon] 527 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2004   [MovieIcon] 158 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2004   [MovieIcon] 389 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2004   [MovieIcon] 173 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2004   [MovieIcon] 248 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2004   [MovieIcon] 1404 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2004   [MovieIcon] 522 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2004   [MovieIcon] 564 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2004   [MovieIcon] 350 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2004   [MovieIcon] 349 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2004   [MovieIcon] 161 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2004   [MovieIcon] 137 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2004   [MovieIcon] 205 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2003   [MovieIcon] 316 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2003   [MovieIcon] 159 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2003   [MovieIcon] 289 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2003   [MovieIcon] 743 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2003   [MovieIcon] 328 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2003   [MovieIcon] 440 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2003   [MovieIcon] 821 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2003   [MovieIcon] 1204 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2003   [MovieIcon] 101 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2003   [MovieIcon] 220 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2003   [MovieIcon] 321 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2003   [MovieIcon] 283 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2002   [MovieIcon] 280 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2002   [MovieIcon] 419 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2002   [MovieIcon] 427 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2002   [MovieIcon] 482 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2002   [MovieIcon] 1272 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2002   [MovieIcon] 868 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
June2002   [MovieIcon] 694 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
May2002   [MovieIcon] 893 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
April2002   [MovieIcon] 2287 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
March2002   [MovieIcon] 1942 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
February2002   [MovieIcon] 830 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
January2002   [MovieIcon] 378 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
December2001   [MovieIcon] 503 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
November2001   [MovieIcon] 728 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
October2001   [MovieIcon] 107 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
September2001   [MovieIcon] 147 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
August2001   [MovieIcon] 94 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)
July2001   [MovieIcon] 198 k  [MovieIcon] (GIF)